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Mass Abduction of School Girls Alarms Borno, Nigeria
Prince George's First Royal Engagement
Philippines Drafts Pact with the US- Will it provoke China?
What's Wrong with the Obamacare?
EPA's Tough Fuel Regulation Contributes to Cleaner Atmosphere
Paris Makes Public Transpo Free, Bans Cars
Sunoco Logistics Pipeline Leaked Crude Oil Into Oak Glen Preserve
Tim Cook of Apple Doesn't Want People Who Dumped Climate Change Onboard
When the Drought won't Go Away, will We Drink the Ocean?
10 Things We Wish Barack Obama Would Do for the Country
Uganda, Africa: 14 Years in Jail for First Offenders, Says the Anti-gay Law
The Queen of England is Going Bankrupt?
Sochi 2014: Yuzuru Hunyu sets world record score, first Japanese to bag gold in figure skating
Sinkhole Eats Million-Dollar Worth of Corvettes in Kentucky
Drought in California is at its Extreme
Three New Planets Found; One Orbiting a Sun-Like Star

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