If Gym is a Big NO, Try Yoga.

What makes yoga stands out among others is that aside from being a physical exercise, it is also a mental and spiritual activity that helps a person achieve a state of wellness in all three aspects at the same time. It originated in India and is found to be incorporated with various religious practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Yoga is about experiencing one’s inner peace and finding one’s true self. The best part of it is that it creates opportunities for people to see themselves fully, and in the process, let them do things to improve themselves.


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Here is one of many reasons why you should not give up even after failing to hit the gym. Try yoga.


Your body will get used to pain that you can tolerate more difficult body movements and able to hold on to your routines with no physical injury.


Yoga is a tough routine itself. It is one of the most difficult exercise feats in the world. It requires someone to endure certain positions. There is something in a deafening silence of concentration that lets the body keep going. And yet this difficulty in holding on to positions like headstand make other people hesitant about trying this exercise. Everyone can do yoga. Just open your mind to possibilities and understand that not everyone who kills yoga just made those moves instantly when they decided to start the exercise. Beginners will struggle and may not be able to perform like experts do but once you’re used to it, you will find ways to improve and become flexible. Flexibility is not a prerequisite but a by-product of consistent yoga exercise.


The body movements become natural and you get to develop endurance, pain-tolerance and the big word PATIENCE as you try to keep yourself rooted on your mat.


Yoga may actually be the ultimate workout for you.


Yoga is more than just a physical exercise. But if you decide to make it as your main physical activity, its history can prove that it can definitely substitute any other exercises done in the gym.


The good thing is, it only requires limited space. Everyone can just spare a room for a little mat. It can also be done outdoor with nature all around to help you feel more relaxed. Basically, you can do it anywhere else you are most comfortable.


Stunts like headstand and back-bending will not only train your body strength and flexibility but also give you great balance. The movements are so intense that people see yoga as an exercise for flexible people. The stretches made in the exercise are all so prolonged that body tensions are eased like having an instant massage treatment.

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You can practice extreme body liftings using your hands to carry your own weight. It could be more strenuous than lifting barbells in the gym. Imagine a guy who holds a yoga seated crossed-leg position for several minutes except that this time he is lifting his body weight with his arms positioning like a crow. It lets the person work out using his own body as a substitute to gym equipments and the physical training is intense requiring him an ample amount of strength, endurance and balance.


You get to clear your minds because that’s what this exercise is all about. You find yourself wanting to focus on more relevant things and free yourself from negativities.


Yoga is more than just those crazy poses and flows. It is an exercise where you reconnect with yourself. People get so preoccupied these days. The world is a constant show of distractions, and somehow people just can’t get a chance to stay still and quiet even for a moment.


With yoga, you find space for yourself. You start to appreciate good things in life which may come very rare for some people who tend to miss out little things, like fresh air and good health. By doing this, you find a chance to assess how well you are as an individual. People who practice yoga tend to be more relaxed and satisfied. A time alone can make a lot of difference. It’s a way to give your soul a break from the chaos you face everyday.


Stress is always associated with a lot of diseases. Being able to excrete toxins and attain inner peace is a great way to eliminate stress and decrease your percentage of stress-related diseases, like heart attack and depression.  And when you experience peace, you make the world one less trouble individual. And eventually you get the urge to share the feeling and you start to multiply.

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