Cheat the Hourglass Curves with Narrow Hips

Everyone have a different body shape and we can’t all have a body like Beyonce. An hourglass shape is what most women wish or aim to achieve, and if you can have that perfect apple bottoms with tiny narrow hips, by simple increasing your outdoor activities, why not aim for it.

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The hourglass is undeniably seen by the society as the sexiest and most attractive.  Especially in the world of celebrities.  The bad news: an hourglass body shape is greatly influenced by genetics. But the good news: there is always something you can do to achieve it.

How to cheat that hourglass curve

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The natural and precise shape of your body can’t be changed by exercise, but you can work out to have a toned and fitter version of your mid section.  You may not be able to choose where most of your body fats will be stored, but it is up to you to decide how much of it will be stored.  No seriously, think about it, having a smaller tummy can give the illusion of having the hourglass figure even if you do not have the genes for it. Not simple, but by working out and having an active lifestyle, you can engage every muscle in your abdominal area that focuses on flattening the mid-section, which is pretty close to having that hourglass body shape.

Daily work out plan

You do not have to spend some time for yourself in the gym just to get that hourglass figure, run and eat healthy of course. The cheat to attaining that smaller mid-section is simply

doing daily activities, something as a hike weekly up KOKO head in Hawaii or around your Local park will aid in doing the trick. Daily disciplines will give you the results you want in

the long run; just make sure you have the resolve to do it.


Here the seven things you can do every day of the week to achieve that hourglass:

  •  Uphill walking or running gives you a similar effect with weight lifting. This workout can lift your buttocks and make it firmer. This cardiovascular exercise can burn fat and give you that slimmer waist.


  •  Do 4 sets of 15 repetitions of squats, step-ups, and lunges. Later on, you can carry weights or water bottles to step this exercise up a notch. Having firmer glutes and thighs can give you a sexier figure that looks like an hourglass.


  • Make sure you spend one day to rest to give your body enough time to recover or repair itself. Spend two days in a week to rest.


  • Interval trainings never fail to burn your fats in a shorter span of time. It can also give you a stronger core for more balance. To conduct interval training, you can do push ups, high-knee runs, crunches, jump rope, single leg hops, and standing oblique crunches for 45 seconds each, then rest for 15 seconds. You can do this for 30 minutes.


  • Do an exercise in a slower pace, like biking, hiking or swimming. This can help you burn fat and relieve stress.


  •  Allocate one day in a week to work extra hard on your abs and glutes. This is the time when you do ab and core workouts similar to what the Spartans in the movie300. This way, you will have a more defined mid-section, which can give you a figure close to that hourglass look you want.  Make sure you combine working out with healthy diet. You don’t have to starve yourself; you just need to eat the right food as indicated in the food pyramid.


Article Credit: Eva Magno


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