Affordable Restaurants in Europe

Structure, interior design, character and the atmosphere of the space make up a luxurious restaurant. Besides the mouth-watering dishes, a restaurant’s aesthetic impact contributes a lot to how much great an impression it makes on its customers.

We often associate fancy restaurants that serve top quality food in a space of luxury with a great deal of cash. This is true for most of the high-end establishments in Europe, but there are a number of restaurants where you can enjoy great food while basking in its elating ambience without ever having to worry about spending beyond your means.

 Cafe’ in the Crypt, London

To help you decide on where to feast next, here are some affordable restaurants in Europe that serve luxurious ambience in distinct forms:

Bonds is a restaurant situated at 5 Threadneedle Street, EC2 in London that specializes in modern European dishes with an Asian twist. The restaurant’s interior is decorated all around with beautiful burnished wood and some of the most outlandish flowers. Its ambience radiates an even more perceptive Asian feel. Satisfaction will be served on a three-course lunch menu for a very affordable price of less than 20 pounds.


You can’t go wrong with a visit to Café in the Crypt, St Martin’s-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square. They serve a delectable Sunday lunch for a price below 8 pounds. It follows a cafeteria style and is designed as a luxurious gallery café. On Wednesday nights, the cafe entertains its customers with Jazz music.




Kensington Place sits on the pinnacle of Kensington Church Street in London. This restaurant is dominated by a luxurious Mediterranean feel and beautiful murals. There is no forgetting a place like this after your first visit.


On 51, Rue de Verneuil, Paris is a bistro that caters to the cravings of a thrifty customer for rustic stews, delightful salads, and fine wine. The food that Le Cinq Mars serves and the ambience of the establishment make it one of the most visited bistros in the area.


Bistrot Victoires in 6 rue La Vrillière, 1st arrondissement,Paris isn’t called the local’s favorite bistro for nothing. It serves exquisite dishes in an establishment filled with a cheerful vibe, fun globe lights, and frosted windows that give it an all-in-all wistful, elegant feel.


Five-star chefs cook splendid yet affordable scrumptious main dishes and desserts for Boco’s customers in Boca Opéra, 3 rue Danielle Casanova, 1st arr, Bercy-Village and Saint-Lazare in Paris. This restaurant won’t take more than 20 Euros out of your pocket for a three-course meal.



Irma la Douce [Photo via Trip Advisor]

 One of the top choices of food enthusiasts in Stuttgart, Germany has to be Irma la Douce. You can enjoy the perfect 11 to 14 Euro lunch, or a 25 to 40 Euro dinner inspired by Mediterranean flavors while appreciating the bistro’s wooden floors that are polished to perfection, its interior adorned with a fireplace, book shelves, and historical paintings.

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