Dining Places in South America Worth Your Money

South America isn’t just trimming with amazing UNESCO heritage sites, splendid ruins and adrenaline-rushing adventures, but is also offering the most delicious of food dishes. Different places in South America bring diverse dining cuisines that will definitely satisfy anyone’s palate.



1. El Cid Restaurant (Santiago, Chile)

Santiago is the picture-perfect spot for true gourmand. El Cid is considered by some critics as to be one of the city’s top dining places which is also the culinary centerpiece for the classic Sheraton Santiago. Into its dining room, you can oversee the pool and the room has crisp of linens with simple place surroundings. All of the excitement in here is delivered with the food, which is served with an elegant flourish. You can’t even miss their famous grilled seafood, includes King Crabs, Prawns, Squids and Scallops with a taste of sweetness plus spicy sauce. If you’re a beginner to the Chilean cuisine, you can never go wrong with their lunch buffet that offers unlimited wine!


2. The Astrid y Gaston (Miraflores, Lima, Perú)

In Lima, you can find wide varieties of interesting dishes to whet your palate. One of the places you should visit is the Astrid y Gaston. This place was opened in 1994 by two chefs. With this colourful and contemporary cornerstone of Gaston Acurio’s empire, there are now different branches throughout the South America. Pacific seafood occupies the centre stage in dishes such as the “Ceviche of Love”, a mix of raw sea urchin, clams, squids, mussels and shrimps marinated in lime and three types of chilli pepper. The dish is served in an oyster shell. This dining place showcased all of Peru, from its Andean Lamb and a confit of Paiche to a Peruvian Curry of tubers, grains, herbs, vegetables and spices served with Quinoa.


3.  Famiglia Mancini (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Sao Paulo is a dynamic and versatile social location that centers on dining. Its 12,500-plus dining places serve most of the world’s cuisine. Famiglia Mancini is a busy petite cantina that is well loved for both its location and cuisines. The restaurant is found along the strip of Rua Avanhandava where the street display rustic cobblestones. They serve an amazingly buffet with different cheeses, olives, sausages and many more that makes finding your liking a cinch. Their menu has many terrific options for pasta, such as Cannelloni with palm hearts and a four-cheese sauce.


4. La Bourgogne (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

This place is often referred to as the “Paris of the South” as it mixes the the country’s traditional cuisines with a classy European flair.  Consequently, La Bourgogne welcomes you with a complimentary flute of sparkling wine and a selection of Hors d’Oeuvres when you’re seated in your table with their elegant room setting on the side of the famous Alvear Palace Hotel. Their service is highly impeccable because you will feel absolutely cared even as you leave the place. The best value offered by this place is the seven-course tasting menu that includes six different wines! The wine list is even extensive, focusing on France’s and Argentina’s finest.



5.  Achiote Ecuador (Quito, Ecuador)

Achiote Ecuador is the home of South American cuisine.Your adventure to Ecuador will be complemented with the best Ecuadorian food offered by this place. With their great Ceviche Ecuatoriano, some traditional soups, grilled meat and seafood, plus exquisite selection of different wines and drinks, any tourist will never get enough. Their modern and cozy ambiance will engender an experience for a lifetime.

Article Credit Marequitta Dequito


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