Fall Fashion Mistakes

As the changing leaves mark the end of summer and the beginning of fall, your wardrobe should also make a transition. Others may dress formally for their businesses and work, students will wear back to school outfits, and there are some who will simply get “back to cool” with their wardrobe.


Fall fashion is super easy so don’t make it hard by confusing yourself with the commercialized trends that pop up at every search engines. 

Some people, however, simply have no idea what to wear during fall season and that’s when the felony of committing hideous wardrobe mistakes happens.  With every other fashion mistake, a fall fashion crime can be avoided. Here are some of the biggest fashion flops you should and could avoid this fall:

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If Summer is over. Please take this seriously.

Summer is a wonderful season where everything is relaxing, even your outfit. There are people who simply can’t let go of this season and still bring it in autumn. You can’t wear bright, flower-patterned outfits with tropical prints anymore. Instead, you may try fall-friendly colors, including emeralds, navies, and maroons. If you know how to mix and match these colors, you can have as much fun with it as with your summer outfits. But if you really want to wear those summery hues, you can incorporate them with the colors of fall by layering them on top of each other.

Open-Toed Sandals 

Sandals and fall simply don’t mix. You can only wear flats, ankle booties, and other open footwear if you live in an area with a hotter climate. Sandals in a cold place during a cold season simply look off. Plus, it will leave your feet cold. Who wants that? It’s a fashion sacrifice that even the fashion industry wouldn’t want to incorporate on fall fashion. Another fall fashion no-no is wearing socks with your open-toed sandals. Although you may have seen this in the runway, in the real world, you’ll look like a clown.

Following Trends Too Much

Trends are guidelines to follow, but if you are going overboard with it, it could go wrong. For instance, this year’s back to school fall fashion trend is all about the 90’s grunge, plaid, Kitchy prints, and shine. Someone out there has no idea what these trends look like so they go on trusty old Google and search for these looks. That act could simply suck your soul.

Remember this, too much of something is just bad. It kills your own creativity. Be faithful with the new trends, but mix a little bit of other styles, especially your own fashion style. The fall is usually about layering and leathering, but don’t overdo it. Follow trends, but don’t forget to put a sprinkle of your own style. Don’t kill the fun. Did you know that even the biggest names in the fashion industry crave for inspirations because they always run out of it? Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana take inspiration from their hometown. It’s organic. You can do the same. Nature is always is the best source of inspiration.


White on Top of White

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White after May is a taboo to some fashion culture; but this is not necessarily so. You can wear bright whites and pure whites, but stay away from winter and ivory whites. Mix your whites with pastel colors like a pale pink fur jacket. A black Purse can easily add a mix into the white as well.  You don’t want to channel winter snowman early this fall season so mix and match.

No Jacket is a serious crime both for fashion and health.

You don’t want to be brave and go out in the cold, fall weather without a jacket. It’s simply impractical. Always bring a sweater, or a cardigan, or a leather jacket with you when you go out this fall season. When the temperature gets too cold, looking fashionable or elegant would be the least of your concern when you are chilling from the biting cold.


Article Credit: Eva Magno


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