Feminine Ways to Wear your BF’s Shirts or Jeans

 Loose, well-worn and low-rise – sometimes boyfriend jeans and shirts look so darn comfortable that it’s another reason for women to resent men or wish that they could actually pull it off. It’s probably a good thing that these fashion statements came at the 21st century when social conventions aren’t so strict and women – or men – could wear the other sex’s clothing and not be persecuted by society.
 In women’s world where tight-fitting clothes and uncomfortable measurements take center stage, your boyfriend’s jeans and shirt is a shining beacon of temptation. With famous people like Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Kristen Stewart regularly wearing them, more and more people are getting ready to accept them in their wardrobes. However, the biggest challenge that many have to overcome is to balance the look. The question is, how does one rock boyfriend shirts/jeans while looking feminine?
Here are 8 tips to help you:
1.       Wear heels
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Nothing could be more feminine – or sexier for that matter – than a woman in heels. It makes everything look girly yet sophisticated, and wearing your boyfriend jeans won’t diminish its effect. In fact, it would serve as a nice contrast: baggy and oversized pants plus slinky sexy heels. Your boyfriend would just faint seeing you wear that! Make sure that you keep it simple though, and pair your heels with your jean’s design.
2.       Wear a sheer top
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If you’re manly at the bottom, go extra girly at the top. A sheer top is the best way to play peek-a-boo with your style and adds just the right amount of sexiness to counter those loose jeans. If you can find one that brings out the feminine you, then all the better.
3.       A button down shirt
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 Now you’re killing two birds with one stone here! Separately, a button down shirt and loose pants could both be attributed to males but when you pair the right combination together, it could give you that casual but feminine look that men would find comfortable with. Add in some sneakers and you’re ready to compete with guys in anything – while still looking hot as hell just like Rihanna.
4.       Pair your boyfriend shirt with a blazer
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Want to wear your boyfriend’s shirt but still look feminine? Pick out your favorite blazer and put it on. The blazer would give your look a nice layered feel to it and give added texture to your attire. Also, your blazer has a structured look and would fit you like a glove on top while staying loose at the bottom.
5.       Put on some accessories (shades and necklaces) over boy shirts
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 Not everything has something to do with your clothing. Sometimes the best way to show your feminine side is by wearing every girl’s best friend: accessories. Even when doubling up with your boyfriend clothing.  Remember the most boyish of all attires could be made girly if you wear necklaces, earrings or bracelets. When you add bright red lipstick, then it really throw people off.  A purse or bag could also give the outfit a nice contrast. Choose accessories that would bring out the girl in you and don’t forget to match them with your outfit!
6.       Pair his button down shirts with your dresses
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Not a lot of girls could pull this off, but you’re welcome to try this one. Try getting a really big button down shirt of his and match it with one of your dresses. Wear it some form of cardigan and you might just realize how sexy (or adorable – depending on the dress’ length) it can be. Add in some boots or sneakers and you’re ready to charm his pants off.
7.       Wear short shorts
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The idea is to pull off a fashion statement that everyone is very low maintenance, but can still show attractiveness. Wearing short shorts underneath your boyfriend’s large shirt can instantly turn you into a tease. The oversized shirt might cover you at the top but the short shorts reveals those long legs for the world to see. Try it on and be amazed at the results.  Mixing something as feminine as a floral top with your boyfriend jeans sounds perfectly divine. Anything floral or retro instantly gives off major girl vibes and balances your look well. You can even choose other patterns that you feel would make you more girly. Be a little bit careful when it comes to your patterns though and try not to overdo it.  On warm days, pair your tank top with some boyfriend jeans and be satisfied at the nice contrast it offers. You can also get a crop top and show a little bit of skin. To make the look complete, grab your favorite pair of heels.
8.   Varsity Jacket +  Boyfriend Shirt + Boyfriend Jeans + Simple Heels = Perfection
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This is one of the coolest combinations you could possibly want. Borrow your boyfriend’s clothes and try them on to see the wonderful effect it can have! Keep your heels footwear simple ladies. Enough said.









Article Credit: Kate Bridgerton


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