Six Fun ways to help your heart

#1: Blood flows in many great ways and Men who hop in the sack at least twice a week is less likely to develop cardiovascular disease according to recent study by New England Research.  Before you decide to go Solo, consider all options. Intercourse is always so much better than other kinds of stimulation. Face it! Sex is a workout and you can burn at least 60 calories, 80 to 100 for those stallions out there.  Besides, why walk around frustrated when you can go to work with a smile.

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Ladies on the other hand may do more of a graceful dance when they are happy. Same kind of dance you see when they are getting ready for a peaceful day on the beach.

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#2. Chocolate believe it or not. Important note, you should kill your mass consumption of chocolate, but it’s o.k. to cheat and please the senses.  In the 2008, Italian study, people who had both pre-diabetes and high blood pressure manage to keep a healthier heart by eating 3 ½ ounces of dark chocolate each day for 15 days.  But please eat the right type of Chocolate, like Ghirardelli, or Dove to name a few. Note- darker chocolate contains more antioxidants and less of the sugar that may counteract the beneficial effects according to the research from Yale.


#3.  Music is life and brings joy to the soul and the heart.  It’s a perfect way to loosen up those arteries.  Listening to just 30 minutes of music a day combined with breathing techniques and exercise will relax the vessels.  Types of music are very important; in our experience, you can’t listen to Rock n Roll and stay relax. Well perhaps some seasoned professionals could, but the key is to cue up the right type of music, says Michael Miller, M.D., who coauthored a different music study back in the day of days (2008).


#4.  Put your Drinks Up.  Toasting to health with a glass of wine will reduce chances of coronary heart disease.  Key is don’t have no more than two glasses at least 3-4 days of the week. How large are the glasses, let’s leave that optional. Lol, just saying.

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Note, more than two glasses will increase your blood pressure; scientist are still trying to understand why. If drinking beer 12-ounces only, if drinking wine the correct answer is two – 5 ounces glasses, liquor, well let’s just leave that out. Stick to the wine it’s more romantic and might lead to bringing that late night passion to your life.

#5. Laugh and Smile Daily.

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This one is really hard for New Yorkers. The step above is not. Laughing at events, movies, with friends can make a world of a difference.   The physical act of laughing causes the tissue forming the inner of your body your blood vessels to expand, allowing for an increase in blood flow and reducing blood pressure, says Dr. Miller.  So forget about LOLing on cell phones and twitter and physical do the act at least 15 minutes a day. In Fact you can start right now. Come on look at the cute baby pic above and laugh with me 🙂

#6 Video Game Console.

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Ladies if you’re reading this learn to play video games with your man.  Look even grandma is doing it, so why wait. Besides, believe it or not men find it sexy.  Just don’t get addicted, to the game that is!  But, it not only turns him on but it gets the blood flowing in all the right places.  Before, after, In-between, just think while he’s pumping 30,000 rounds of ammo in space, shooting demons and aliens, saving lives and babies. Just imagine what’s next to PUMP when you cheer him on his stress levels lower. By the way the American Heart Association official stamps playing video games with the seal of approval for relieving stress. You’re the icing that follows, the real winner.


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