Spending More on Longer-Lasting Clothes

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“Buy less, but buy better” is the new approach fashion brands are promoting for this fall season.

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Dozens of designers have showcased their collections in the New York Fashion Week, where experts claim a subtle message of “buy less” is being portrayed.  According to fashion executives, more shoppers are maturing to the philosophy of choosing quality over quantity when shopping for clothes. Before, a whole generation of consumers are traditionally wearing “fast fashion” clothes, which are inexpensive but trendy runway looks you can wear for one occasion, or season and then just throw away after.

Fast Fashion to Longer-Lasting Clothes

To complete this transition of buying “fast fashion” clothes to choosing quality over quantity, a lot of new retailers like Zady, Everlane and Cuyana are encouraging shoppers to collect simpler and smaller wardrobes that could last for a long time.

These new retailers are promoting higher-quality clothes with better fabrics, construction and transparency on manufacturing.

American Apparel & Footwear Association international trade and resident economist vice president Nate Herman said more people are choosing to buy clothes that could last longer. According to statistics from the association shows there is a shift in the buying habits of consumer that is starting to develop.


New Mind-Set Prevents Buyer’s Remorse


This change in the consumers’ mind-set from buying disposable fashion to something that last longer has a big effect to both the shoppers and the brands.

Consumers were conditioned to wait for discounts before they shop. And when prices are slashed, they would buy impulsively as many clothes as they can. But later on, this leads to buyer’s remorse.

There is a whole generation of consumers that splurge on discounted clothes because they are led to believe they should buy them because they are cheap. However, they just feel guilty later on as they look at their closet filled with clothes they wore only once.

This buyer’s remorse could be avoided with the new buying habits that are brewing among consumers brought by the new type of designs upcoming fashion brands are promoting.

Now, brands are encouraging consumers to be more thoughtful about what they buy, by offering higher quality clothes that could last longer.


Designers Are Concerned About Their Customers’ Point-of-View


Designer Misha Nonoo, whose latest collection is featured in this New York Fashion Week said she thinks of her customer’s closet when designing her clothes.

She wants to help her customers match the old clothes in their wardrobe to the latest designs she made. She said she has included versatility as the main theme of her designs.

The online fashion retailer Of a Kind placed a cap on its item at only $300 each, which according to founders Clair Mazur and Erica Cerulo, reflects their own spending limits before. That ceiling slowly increased since their brand was launched back in 2010.

According to the founders of Of a Kind, their customers are growing with them from buying fast fashion into spending $200 on clothes in a wiser way.


Fashion Revolution


Zady, another online retailer, encourages people to join this “Slow Fashion Revolution.” Its co-founder Maxine Bédat said fast fashion is just like fast food. People are fed up with it and are curious for other labels.

Another clothing line, Everlane even brings transparency to a whole new level, showing in their website which factories they work with, the goods they produce, and the employees they have.

Cuyana is a woman’s fashion brand that promotes the “fewer, better” mantra. They promote timeless aesthetics rather than the trends in their products.

This fashion brand, just like the new upcoming fashion brands, aims to help consumers avoid the feeling of guilt by creating a wardrobe that the buyers would truly love for a longer period of time


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