Weight Loss Mistake Busted!

There are two kinds of people in the world of weight loss: the ones who can shed off weight in the blink of an eye and those who need to run halfway across the world to lose a couple of pounds. It may be an exaggeration but when it comes to the actual feeling and thought of what needs to be done to lose that excessive  unwanted weight it can be quite a stressful feeling.

Aside from the actual dilemma of losing weight there are also those lifestyle challenges that you have to change if you’re going to begin the process of discarding those extra fats. And everyone has to start somewhere, and where else to start than with the food you eat. But is it enough to just cut back with your daily food consumption or go into a crash diet? This is a very vital area for weight loss, and in order for you to achieve your dream weight in the healthiest way possible, then you should take notes of the things that you might be doing wrong.

 Food Subtraction

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Experts say crash diet can lead you closer to long-term weight gain. If you shock your body with the sudden deprivation of food in your system, it will lessen your energy. When you finally decided to consume high-calorie food, your body will go into hyper-scavenging-mode and store as much fats and sugar possible in order to compensate the body’s need for energy supply. So, don’t starve yourself.

Exercise Overload

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Like food consumption, exercise should also be done in moderation and with the utmost consideration towards your body and your lifestyle. Do not just go mad on exercising with aggressive exercise routines. Remember, if you’re just beginning there are just so much things that your body can handle. If you’re looking to prolong your weight loss, then look for light exercises that you complete on a daily basis. Also keep in mind that exercise and diet go hand in hand. Both should be done in the right way.  Do not try to compensate the unhealthy diet with too much exercise.

Diet Pills Frenzy

 Diet pills and food supplements can offer some promising results, but do not be deceived. Although some diet pills can help you achieve your goal, it does not promise a long term effect.When you stop taking them, you will gain all the weight you’ve lost and perhaps even more.

If you go to diet specialists, they would even tell you that taking these pills can do you more harm than good, and that they should only be taken upon prescription. There is no easy way or quick fix to weight loss, so eat healthy and exercise. You might find it more rewarding when you finally harvest the fruits of your labor.

Everything Labeled with “Diet”

It’s true that all things labeled with the word “diet” do contain fewer calories. So why is it bad to consume diet products if the main point of dieting is cutting back on calorie intake?

That’s where everyone has it wrong. Although the products do contain smaller amounts of calories, this makes way to a larger percentage of other hazardous carcinogens in the merchandise. Again, it’s fine to consume products like these but only to the point of moderation. Diet products often contain higher amounts of diabetogenic chemicals that will ultimately lead you closer to diabetes. Go for healthier and purer alternatives because remember, “the best way is the natural way.”


Article Credit: Dea Presquito


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